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What is whirligig for me?

I remember when I was a child, I could have been 4-5 years old, my parents and I were somewhere in a mountainous wooded area. I remember the shore of the lake, boats on the surface. I also remember a strange wooden thing. There was a small wooden doll, a puppet, а marionette.

And he moved, he constantly made some uniform movements. And when the wind intensified, the doll accelerated its movement. And the character moved faster and faster.
I don’t remember exactly which character it was. Maybe it was a lumberjack, or maybe it was an Indian on a boat.
It was amazing!
This was my first acquaintance with this word - “whirligig”.

Many many people can tell their similar story.

Whirligigs for many people is something from childhood, something that our grandfathers showed us somewhere in a rural wooded area. We could see whirligigs that were bought or made by our grandfathers or even great-grandfathers.

For me, whirligigs are something family, something not done at the factory, something is done in the garage, in the family workshop.

The very manufacture of these wooden crafts is family entertainment. Making whirligigs is a very fun family affair.

Now I am far from my 4 years old. Now I already have my own. Even and modern people are the wonderful four granddaughters. And now it's my time to tell stories and to show strange home-made artifacts. Creating whirligigs with children develops technical thinking, allows you to look at things differently, makes you think in a non-standard way.
Now I believe that in spite of the development of new technologies, in spite of computers and smartphones, and robots, we still have to do something with our own hands. We have to teach children, so to speak - to think with our hands, not just press buttons on the keyboards.


For a long time, I worked as a programmer, developer of systems on the Java platform. I liked my business. But now the time has come when I began to ask myself a question - do I like to be in race mode all the time.

Do I really need to chase my tail? I felt like a squirrel in a wheel.

And when my granddaughters were born, I realized it was time to stop.

It's time to step aside and look at my life differently. I began to think - what I would like to do ideally, in my dreams. And then I remembered that pageant time when I was a child and when I first learned what a whirligig is.

At first, it was my hobby. In 2012, I made my first whirligig. I made them just for gifts to my granddaughters. And then my whirligigs became more and more popular. And now I decided to start selling some models of my whirligigs.