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Video about Russian Post - "Send away". Where are the parcels going? Tracked by a GPS tracker. Special report.

Russia to USA Parcels. Special report.

This video is about the state of postal transportation in Russia for February 2021.
In this video there is a part about private delivery firms, and there is a part about the state Post of Russia.

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Translation to English (from EN Subtitles):

Thank you very much for throwing out our documents, which we are really looking forward to

 the second day documents in the trash heap why valuable parcels can be in grief

 garbage super service just fire laptops and expensive smartphones who and how

 issues other people's online orders to his people, he was just waiting for this person immediately left

 and our pashin parcel visar lay here ready to issue abandoned parcels we

 found them in the industrial zone and called the recipients' numbers you have been waiting for a long time

 or you don’t know why they have to express delivery

 wait months for orders received at the end of March, these parcels were delivered only

 in July and we sent us an experiment under the guise of gifts gps tracker and

 let's see how they will move around the country Russian post office man with

 A video camera has been waiting for a parcel from China for three months, the status has been updated the other day

 the shipment on the site was issued to the recipient but he did not take anything so scary times

 not thousands of early information today issued on the eleventh date retroactively

 type i got and this is the issue point of a private transport company subway stack

 the proletarian parcel from Moscow to Izhevsk was promised to be delivered in three days, but already two

 weeks they have no data she literally disappeared from all radars

 the parcels are in fact at the blackboard, my parcel seems to be the week of issue the card was written

 ... today what date today is 21 week

 For some reason, it was not in the zone, since the fourth day it was not for you to break the Idris

 no vertebra compensation should be received after a month

 the parcel was nevertheless recognized as lost where and at what moment the valuable cargo

 disappeared and remained a mystery the damage was about 10,000 rubles but the man

 paid three times less it is written what you read understood everything understood and

 fully agree that 3000 rubles was signed by Denis Evgeniy from Moscow

 the parcel nevertheless reached, but in the process it noticeably lost weight instead of a tablet and

 phone with a total cost of 220 thousand rubles in the box turned out to be an iron

 washer warning fragile it was possible not to write when the parcel left for

 all about 2 bedrooms of kilograms upon arrival, it became 10 kilograms one hundred but that is obvious

 indicates that the packaging was different at the exit that

 in Moscow, but more precisely on sorting somewhere in Moscow

 in short, another sport appeared on the parcel, that is, I had to say so

 pick-up points have already been replaced sorting centers

 mail trains couriers how the chain for the delivery of online orders works and

 valuable parcels where and at what point they are most often

 get lost hang and change their content

 whether companies conduct internal investigations and what remains closed

 information even after damages

 we will conduct an experiment we will send you parcels with three different delivery services we will

 track how they move around the city across the country for this under the guise

 gift we will send here such gps trackers

 now I will insert sim cards into them, judging by the instructions, biolocation error

 is about two hundred three hundred meters, it is not this that is more important for us, but that the charge

 lasted for at least a few days before sending gifts, we check how

 trackers are working I make a request from a geo-location to one of them a minute later

 SMS the battery charge is one hundred percent and our gift is located at the street

 fonvizin house 7 in fact we are on fonvizin street house 3 so

 that this is the very error of two or three hundred meters we arrived at

 Kutuzovsky 43 here is the Russian post office and we will send our parcel to

 24 house, that is, in fact, it is located in a straight line only two blocks, but of course

 it is naive to believe that the parcel will immediately go there, therefore, using gps

 tracker and see how it will move around the city

 I need to send a small trip delivery is in Moscow will be

 worth 310 fill in the recipient's data address zip code select the envelope first

 parcel from kutuzovsky it is kutuzovsky sent the second we make out not far to

 marshal zhukov avenue through the pony express transport company in

 Novosibirsk advise express delivery for 420 rubles and when will the delivery be


 we send the third parcel from fillets to st.Petersburg through the boxing company.

 there is a queue in the office and it seems a scandal is brewing

 the girl came to pick up a box of cosmetics she is called the amount she assures

 already paid for everything when placing an order, the manager stands on his own in the base not

 it means you will have to pay again, we are the point of issuing only contacts with the result

 we sent all three parcels from Moscow around 17 o'clock on the same day at 9

 in the evenings we send a request to gps trackers to see if they have already started

 traffic in Moscow, if so, where are our gifts now, the parcel was sent via

 pony express moved to novosibirsk in a few hours from marshal avenue

 zhukov sheremetyevo gift sent to the boxing company were after 5 hours

 continues to remain in files, but the package from Kutuzovsky to

 Kutuzovsky disappeared from the radar, her location was inaccessible

 where the parcel will pop up was sent by the Russian post and can we find it, see

 then all our documents are in a trash heap when entrepreneur Dmitry Kozyri

 came to the point of issue for the parcel and could not find it looked at the cameras

 it turned out that an important envelope with documents was thrown into the trash can and then

 taken out in a container on the street 12 o'clock done who can guys let's

 faster please we have a deal at 12 o'clock

 how else to explain what you are waiting for to look for a discarded parcel in a container

 the loader and the cleaning lady climbed, sorting through one bag after another, they tried to find

 among the rubbish a green envelope you remove the package behind the parquet he is there well you all

 such bags are a whole trash heap, nevertheless, Dmitry's envelope was found on

 it was not immediately possible to parse the recipient's name and address on a soaked van package

 sending within the power of attorney, the agreement and consent of the spouses are important

 documents for the purchase of real estate show I do not see

 yes to our thank you very much for throwing out our documents which we are very

 we are waiting for the second day already super service just fire according to the man of delay

 employees and the loss of important documents cost him a lot of money the deal was

 lost profits were thwarted, according to the man, was about half a million

 rubles Dmitry wrote a claim he was promised

 call to figure it out, but six months later none of the

 company representatives never got in touch

 the same issue point, senior manager anton is sincerely perplexed about what

 to be claims to their delivery service documents because they found lost profits

 it is still necessary to prove this a priori does not exist

 then it is possible now to sue at all and with everything and every taxi driver to me is not in uniform

 drove to the place of my meeting, respectively, I miss I do not know the cup

 coffee is something else I well, you understand how I would be affected by one and this is hundreds of thousands

 people from the grass, you and people are with us and are losing the message or m Russia please you now

 Anya of thousands or hundreds of people came here on their own behalf, meanwhile, next to

 outdoors in the open air, either forgotten or lost in a cart with a note

 accepted dozens of parcels get wet you are all visible freely drove any

 comes in collecting the parcel leaving no one is responsible for anything and super well, apparently

 skinny you may have put it wrong take away the dobrinka

 whose parcels are who and how long is waiting for them and whether the recipient knows and what are the cherished

 parcels get wet unattended in the open air parcels lay in the open

 access and we easily looked at some outgoing and incoming data on

 we cannot disclose them to the law, therefore we gloss over the names and addresses and phone numbers

 we call one of them is not available 2 calls are answered for a long time and you are waiting

 or you don't know they

 yes, well, you don't need to come to the mainline in Kazan because it is not ready yet

 to issue as I understand it, but where are our parcels, we will remind you we sent

 various transport companies of the 3G gps tracker one day after

 parcel of fillets was in pulkovo departure to novosibirsk

 the geo-location was not shown the last time she was seen in Sheremetyevo so that

 perhaps already on the plane, the parcel from Kutuzovsky to Kutuzovsky was in

 new moscow in the village of sharapova near vnukovo airport

 the village of sharapovo is exactly here, judging by the readings of our gps tracker, is

 our parcel it is and no wonder this building is a sorting center

 Russian mail, see if we can find our parcel here and try

 to figure out why such a difficult path is made by an envelope sent from

 Kutuzovsky to Kutuzovsky, the parcels come with the launch as they were unloaded from

 cars from any of the big from the small they come further to the starter

 here are the operators who work for us

 lay the barcode up even if the barcode is on the side of the camera should

 counting it as a matter of fact it's like a scanner at the checkout in a supermarket only in dozens

 times more and faster international mailing to Moscow

 we sort about 8000 per hour

 and there are about seven eight thousand links and transport moves at a speed of two s

 half a meter per second further on the link fall on the distribution

 tape where, with such a dexterous movement of the guides, they are scattered over the indices

 here 400 slopes 400 indexes this for example 115 127 Moscow

 this is ours and you know if for each index I pray for

 I can’t everyone, but for some I can zhulebino, I can’t just do it for her

 government now 12 o'clock in the afternoon and this is the fourth

 a bag with parcels only one index per day is processed here

 about 100 thousand parcels but where is ours can we find it here and on what

 she is now stage to find out it svetlana scans

 the barcode of the shipment was not in time for your shipment it is already about as

 at the courier today at one in the morning passed to the courier please the whole story when you

 it was handed over at the post office when she came where but why is it so difficult

 the scheme and the parcel sent from Kutuzovsky to Kutuzovsky are being taken

 first to the village of Sharapova, 20 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road

 if you carry between small offices it will be confusion therefore there is a very

 construction slender delivery system to sorting centers and wealth and

 sorting centers from each post office from each

 twice a day, a postal item is picked up which you publish there

 at times a day and picks up including Saturday and Sunday but why the parcels

 and all the same, who and how gives out other people's tablets phones and expensive ones disappear

 laptops for your people, look further and he immediately takes our package away as if he

 I knew what I owed him there and I in no way accuse anyone here but

 it seems to me if only your package lay too suspiciously right away

 here and now, despite the outwardly debugged strict delivery scheme and

 sorting thousands of people who have lost their parcels complain make up petitions

 demand to return money and compensate for moral damage journalist sergey syrov

 on New Year's Eve I sent a gift to my mother from Balashikha to Lukhovitsy

 when he saw the parcel moving around the country, he realized the holiday would be spoiled

 the parcel went to Serpukhov until how many days did I go to St. Petersburg why are you

 came back well, and then the legs were already delivered when it was no longer needed

 not only the holiday turned out to be spoiled, but also the products in the package intact and

 safety with a week late arrived only medicines were there

 expensive fish products the screen they were already spoiled naturally called

 made claims but in a mild form was sent to hell with the network every year

 more and more videos appear, both at train stations and in small towns

 when sorting parcels, hidden parcels are literally thrown out of the wagons

 find on wastelands transport companies deliver smashed to smithereens

 the cargos arrived does not mean the monitor is in

 disassembled front part of the case for a student novel

 the power of his monitor came on time but in the form of a constructor

 broken boards, wires torn out by the roots, he saw all this when already

 brought the parcel home, realizing that the broken screen could not be glued together, he went to understand

 the office of the company saw the wreckage, the employee was not surprised at this

 every week they try to return her monitor like this came

 well, I would say of course there is no talent, something fell out of him and he folded it like that

 the girl offers to write a claim for not even encouraging money for the broken

 the monitor will most likely not be returned the unpacking should have been filmed

 or open the box in the office there are cameras sometimes recording from them too

 are proof you prove not even that it is not that we were walking home from

 but I have no reason for how it does it on purpose that I had cases with

 monitors and they also came to packed

 they need a video if the parcel has arrived, then accordingly they need it on the spot

 open, although sometimes there is such a case that if it is cash on delivery then you do not

 open until you pay, but in the parcel itself it may be written that the goods

 can not be returned and this record from the office is already different

 transport company helped expose a much more sophisticated scheme

 entrepreneurs from samara sent three boxes with equipment to Moscow two of them

 where there were 10 laptops with a total value of a million, the last one reached the recipient

 the parcel with the tablet was not found reported the video was already given to another

 man, see this order 538 which was intended for mikhailov

 then he handed this for some reason, but you know wildly why he should take and says

 what you changed the recipient's information now look guys

 in some unknown way in the invoice 11 029 138 the phone just stupidly changed

 recipient but centuries ivanka kv. he is 20 mm

 who and how changed the name of the recipient in the invoice why it became

 possible and whether the employees of the company knew about this

 scheme to figure out if I could not get the recordings from the cameras

 video surveillance for the whole day when his tablet was given to a stranger seen in

 1108 point of issue on Bagrationovskaya a man in black comes in to meet him

 the manager immediately leaves the backroom this person

 he came in straight waiting for this man right away

 came out and our parcels did not stay here ready for delivery

 this is a delay fiction guys it is showers fiction on replay you can see the parcel

 not even issued with a passport; a man in black shows a driver's license

 and the manager seems to know in advance what needs to be handed over to oppression, by the way, the table and where

 invoice in it and where where where where at least some information about dhow tuning

 silk where information from this person said so quickly catch up

 just the very end of the situation, this man went in, this one came out and immediately to him

 gave the parcel you know it feels like maybe they are accomplices

 I in no way blame anyone there, but you know how you are too

 somehow too close this parcel is lying to get through to the recipient of course not

 manages to turn off the phone later after examining this video the company's management admits

 their system had two frames in a program that allowed employees to change

 the recipient's data on this and profited by unscrupulous managers who

 entered their people there now the mistake corrected the guilty fired Denis

 reimbursed the shipping service seldom admit their

 errors and compensation is rather an exception and once love more owner

 online store and founder of the informal trade union

 entrepreneurs whose parcels were lost, such an organization turned out to be

 never in demand during a pandemic because the international express

 shipments went for six months instead of the promised five to seven days orders

 arrived at the end of March, these parcels were delivered only in

 In July, at the same time, air shipment was paid, as a result, they traveled by sea by themselves

 Yaroslav admits he still got off easy with only three parcels, the customer

 waited patiently but many entrepreneurs had to return

 money in the end it turned out that the sellers reimbursed the cost of the goods later

 this product arrived and in fact they suffered damage twice

 but how are you with our parcels, we will remind you that we sent a 3g ps tracker

 three different delivery services, as a result, a parcel from Kutuzov to

 kutuzovsky where between the points in a straight line about one and a half kilometers traveled for two days

 the whole road sorting center to the village of Sharapova and back was 56

 I did not warn you about kilometers in supervision for the fact that he would come, I could be calm

 not at home but delivered everything in general, we start our gift with a tracker in the same two days

 delivered to St. Petersburg and initially this package turned out to be an outsider after

 she spent the longest time in the office without changing her geo-location, but

 express parcel that they promised to deliver to Novosibirsk in two days arrived

 only five days later, and she left Moscow quickly the very next day

 the flight took 4 hours and it would seem that everything will be delivered on time

 but the remaining three days, judging by the geolocations, the parcel was in the warehouse or

 traveled around Novosibirsk in a courier's car according to Leonid who for a long

 time worked in this delivery service as a driver such delays are in the order of things

 his working day officially began at 8, but as a rule, they went on the route

 just by lunchtime waiting for the delivery from the central warehouse and leaving at 12 now

 the car came unloaded and left at one o'clock in the afternoon, well, that's what is called

 not work in the end with a return it turned out in the end it turned out that Winnie was brought to

 many clients and scandals from clients that are said to have happened

 practice shows no matter how well the delivery system has been debugged

 sorting and transportation of parcels, the human factor has not been canceled

 it is he who often becomes the reason for the loss of delays or the destruction of parcels

 according to various sources, they disappear during the delivery process from only one and a half to three

 percent of shipments is not much, but for each

 the parcel is worth a person who waits for it on time and without damage